The Alliance is developing a network with like-minded organisations keen to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. These associations go beyond transactional relationships to focus on mutual development. We are keen to explore opportunities to improve the way in which we operate, be that to pilot new technologies or introduce new processes.

Partners can expect a proactive organisation, with a structure in place to evaluate the clinical, financial, operational and developmental impact of any project. We have a governance team to ensure that all activity is appropriate and compliant.

Please get in touch if you wish to work with the Alliance.


General Practice Improvement Programme (GPIP)


The GPIP team has worked with Alliance practices both individually and collaboratively. The individual work has helped practices reflect on their own operation and delivery, with benefits seen in organisation, staffing, pathway design and management of complex patients. Collaboratively, we have had a course of facilitated sessions to support us in exploring our purpose and form.


Blue River Consulting Limited


Blue River has supported the development of the Alliance business plan. Their skills in strategy and data analysis have been invaluable in our identifying areas for focus, and moreover in ensuring our aims are deliverable and measurable. They have also brought innovative ideas and opportunities to us to help with the future development of the Alliance.

Dene Healthcare


Dene Healthcare is working with the Alliance to help create efficiencies, free up staff time, and bring cost savings. This is being achieved through Service, Savings Reports, Custom Stock Control Systems, Standing Order Functionality with Intuitive Suggestion, Free Basic Life Support Training and Automated Product Replenishment.